Life Insurance Corporation(LIC) of India
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NRI Loan

 1. Fill in the application form (GRIHA SOBHA).

 2. GPA (LIC hfl Format) certified abroad.

 3. Signature upon three color photos.

 4. Bank statement of six months (NRI).

 5. Bank statement of six months (abroad) having 6 salary credits.

 6. Any one of these: Local Residence Proof/ Telephone Bill/ Ration Card/ COMPANY HR LETTER.

 7. Copy of passport & visa (certified abroad).

 8. Salary certificate on company letter head having joining date, retirement date, birth date notarized abroad.

 9. Pay slips (six months) notarized abroad.

10. Employment contract OR appointment letter notarized abroad.


 12. Annexure of NRI (hfl format).

 13. NRI undertaking (hfl format).

 14. Bankers certificate for NRI account (hfl format).

 15. Higher education proof.


  1.  For Gulf Countries Under Indian Embassy Notarisation 2, 7, 8, 9, 10 Must Be Notarised under public notary.
  2. The Documents 1, 2, 8, 12, 13, 14 Can Be Downloaded From The Downloads Webpage.

 Repay Term Of Loan:

  • Professionals - 15 Years (Employed For Atleast One Year)
  • Non-Professionals- 10 Years (Employed For Atleast Three Years)

Legal Documents Required

(New flat/ plot/ resale/ construction of house/ mortgage)

  1. Copies of Sanction plan and approval layout (including proceedings).
  2. Floor plan or brochures.
  3. Deed of sale having all linked documents for atleast 13 years.
    1. Present Encumbrance document for atleast 13 years having all linked documents.
    2. Firm registration or record of articles (if builder purchases).
    3. Deed of partnership if a partnership firm (if builder purchases).
    4. Agreement for development with owners of land (if builder purchases).
    5. Builder’s Bank name and account number (if builder purchases).
    6. Construction estimate from engineer.(if own construction)
    7. BPS copy (For grama panchayat apartments).
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